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Our approach is based on listening to our clients – to understand from the outset what they actually want from the construction process – and we tailor our service to meet those particular needs.

In parallel with our traditional building contracts, we act as Construction Managers on certain schemes, where our clients wish to have a higher degree of control, involvement, collaboration and transparency, and where early start and completion are critically important to the overall success of the project.

Thameside have always sought challenging projects that are full of constraints and produce huge challenges at times; but always for a good cause.

Restoration and Refurbishment play a key part in the business alongside new build projects. This is why we always look forward to Design and Build Projects where the opportunity to control a design team within the family environment produces great dividends.

Major contracts are undertaken from £1million to £8 million   

We are able to undertake New Build Flat and Housing Developments and are NHBC and Premier registered. Coupled with our extensive experience of conversion and renovation we construct approximately 50 units per year.

Commercial and Retail projects are also undertaken, acknowledging the special requirements that these projects need in terms of co-ordination and construction periods, constructing approximately 5 buildings per year.

With having this challenging philosophy we have established over the years, Thameside have gained extensive experience working on listed buildings and dealing with their unique problems.  A common project will see intricate demolition work and reconstruction in somewhat impossible sites.

Contracts are undertaken throughout London and the Southeast. We are happy to discuss projects at an early stage providing costs and practical advice to clients and design teams, whilst the proposed schemes develop before the tender or negotiation stage is reached.

Our work load is successfully achieved by consistently providing a high quality product, on time and for a competitive cost.