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Our Services. Delivering the highest quality

Using our in-house resources, and our extensive network of specialist designers, subcontractors and suppliers, we can deliver the highest quality, on the most complex schemes, to agreed budgets and timescales. We have the ability to carry out a wide range of projects, including

  • New Build;
  • Refurbishment, Conservation and Restoration;
  • Extensions & Alterations;
  • Basements and Complex Structural Works;
  • Integrated Services Installations, Pools, Security, A/V, Lighting, Lifts, etc;
  • Fine Finishes and Furnishing.
Under a traditional main contractor route, the design is generally carried out by professionals appointed directly by the client, while Thameside Homes Ltd take full responsibility for all of the building work, on and off site, including works carried out by specialist subcontractors.

Where the project is fully designed in advance of the building work, we generally work on a ‘fixed price’ contract, or, where the design is likely to develop as the project proceeds, we can work on a ‘cost plus’ basis, where we procure the works as economically as possible and simply charge the client our actual cost, plus our fee, thus giving the client complete knowledge and control of the finances on their job.

No matter how the works are managed financially, you can be assured that we will take complete control of the building works to ensure that your project is completed to the highest possible quality, on time, and to agreed budgets.

Under a Construction Management route, we act as a member of the client’s professional team, managing the project on the client’s behalf, while the individual specialist subcontractors enter into separate trade contracts directly with the client.

As Construction Manager, we plan and manage the whole of the design, procurement and construction phases so that each member of the team knows exactly what they need to do, and how their role fits into the overall process.

We also control the client’s budget, ensuring that any changes are accounted for as early as possible, so that the client is fully informed of the likely costs at all times.

And we still provide the same level of site supervision as we would under a traditional contract, using our skills to monitor every aspect of the work on and off site.

For clients who wish to have a more active involvement in their project, this route can have several advantages over a traditional main contacting route, as it can allow for an earlier start on site, whilst also increasing collaboration, transparency and efficiency. When the whole team works together this can lead to cost and time savings, although the client does accept more risk by following this route, so it does not suit every project.


Where the client has not yet appointed a design team, we can take complete control of the whole process from initial concept design, through planning, procurement and construction, giving the client a single point of responsibility from start to finish.

Under this route, we use specialist designers to carry out design work on our behalf, while our project managers control the whole process to ensure completion in line with the client’s requirements, on time and on budget.

This route can suit those clients who wish the whole process to be as simple as possible, who prefer to deal with just one company rather than a range of different specialists, and who want Thameside to use our skills, experience and network of specialist designers to deliver the entire project on their behalf.

We are conscious that moving home can be a very stressful event, even for the most experienced home owners. We are also acutely aware that our performance after our client takes occupation is what we will be remembered for, perhaps even more than what we did during the construction work.

No matter how we are appointed for the building works, we will ensure that helpful training is provided for any items that require explanation, including pools, lifts, cinemas and other services installations.

In addition, each of our clients receives a simple but detailed set of manuals, designed to explain exactly how every item in their home should be operated and maintained. This is a very useful reference document not just for the short term, but longer term when items are ready for maintenance and even replacement.

And where a client wishes us to provide a maintenance service, our team can do everything from cleaning and maintaining pools, servicing boilers, changing filters, etc, either on the basis of an annual charge or on an ad-hoc basis, as and when required.

Additionally, we allocate a small works manager to the completed property for any work that is required by the client once the property has been occupied. This is further explained on the small works page.